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Satellite Tracking 

There are a number of products that can be installed or carried onboard and aircraft to share your position with people on the ground. Typically these systems use the Iridium satellite network. If w

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B)

ADS-B is transforming all segments of aviation. Real-time precision, shared situational awareness, advanced applications for pilots and controllers alike – these are the hallmarks of ADS-B NextGen surveillance. Real-time ADS-B is now the preferred method of surveillance for air traffic control in the NAS General aviation is safer with ADS-B traffic, weather, and flight-information services Safety and efficiency improve with advanced ADS-B applications ADS-B improves safety and efficiency in the air and on runways, reduces costs, and lessens harmful effects on the environment.

Secondary Surveillance Radar

Secondary surveillance radar (SSR) is a radar system used in air traffic control, that unlike primary radar systems that measure the bearing and distance of targets using the detected reflections of radio signals, relies on targets equipped with a radar transponder, that reply to each interrogation signal by transmitting encoded data such as an identity code, the aircraft's altitude and further information depending on its chosen mode
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